Offshore Chemical Tanks Norway

Offshore Chemical tanks Norway

We have a fleet of high quality, design tested offshore chemical tanks for Norway, and other countries. We offer the T4 and T11 offshore chemical tanks that are approved under ASME, ADR/ RID and DNV 2.7-1.

These offshore tanks exhibit better performance under most demanding environments for safe storage and transport of wide range of Chemicals, drilling processes, storage of aviation fuel and transport of waste liquids. The tanks are equipped with level gauge and the valves are designed to avoid spilling and leakage and to enhance accessibility. In addition to that they also ensure safety and easy maintenance, which is of utmost importance.

The offshore chemical tanks for Norway are available in different sizes ranging from 500 Gallon to 6000 Gallon and can be customized to varied sizes under transport standards. The tanks are pressure tested to ensure they stay durable under harsh conditions of chemical storage and transport.

Offshore Chemical tanks Norway

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