T14 ISO Tank Container

T14 HCL ISO Tank Container Manufacturer

LAVA Engineering is the only T14 HCL ISO Tank Container manufacturer in India to have Prototype approved and fully certified UN T14 ISO Tank Container for storage and transport of Hazardous chemicals in any country in the world for Road, Rail and Marine operations. LAVA T14 ISO tank containers are Type tested as per ISO 1496 /3 and are certified by authorized classification body with ASME, IMDG, CSC, TIR, ADR/ RID, US DOT, TC, UIC and CFR 49.

LAVA T14 tanks are made of Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel with Rubber lining / FRP lining / PE lining inners for storage and transport of Hazardous Chemicals like Hydrochloric Acid (HCL), Caustic Soda, Sulfuric Acid, Ferric Chloride etc. As an ISO Tank Containers Manufacturer India, Lava Engineering supplies T14 ISO Tank containers, which are tested as per ISO 1496 /3 and are prominent with customers in Gulf and Middle East countries like UAE, Iran, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam and North American countries like US and Mexico and European countries like Greece, France, Poland and Netherlands.

T14 – UN portable ISO Tank Container Technical Specification

20ft ISO tank container
20 M3
Design Code
ASME VIII, EN 12972 ,ISO 668
Rubber Lining / FRP lining / PE lining
Gross Weight
30,000 Kgs
+65 deg C
Operating Pressure
4 Bar
Test Pressure
6 Bar
T14 HCL ISO Tank Container

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